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Global Business Access, Ltd.:
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Global Markets plus Global Opportunity plus Global Understanding equals
Global Business Access = Global Success

Global Business Access, Ltd. is a consulting firm focused on international new business development. We are composed of many former ambassadors, senior diplomats and intelligence officers. GLOBAL has been in business for ten years, and has served dozens of Fortune-200 companies for projects in more than fifty nations.

Personal relationships with foreign companies and governments are important, especially in developing countries. GLOBAL's Associates know the countries where they served and have excellent contacts among government and business leaders. This enables us to help companies enter markets and solve problems overseas.

GLOBAL's clients range from multinationals to small businesses. The firm works on a retainer, daily fee or project basis. Contact us if you would like to know more about Global Business Access, Ltd. or have questions about assistance in particular countries or regions.

Global Business Access, Ltd.
2530 13th St. NW,
Washington, DC 20009
Telephone:(+1) (202) 378-0868

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